August 3rd BC Fun Day!

For August 3rd, we will do coaching and practice a little differently.

From 4:30 to 6pm we will have a Pot Luck Dinner and social atmosphere.
Bring some food and cutlery to share with your fellow riders, friends, family and coaches at the track.

At 6pm we will begin coaching, but there will be no proficiency levels for this evening. Riders will be intermixed and will learn some fun new skills on and off the track. Typical $5 per session or pre-paid card is required for the coaching.  The coaching fees play a very small part in helping to get the Elites to their events.

Bring along any bike parts or bikes and swap, trade, sell, haggle or discuss them with fellow parents and riders as well.

Hope we can see all the Ridge Meadows families out, both new and old.


July goes out with Excitement!

What a Great evening at Ridge to send off July.

We all had a Fantastic evening spent with riders, parents, grand parents and friends. Many new riders out for their first races last night and they all had HUGE smiles on their faces at the end of the evening grabbing their first trophy.

Our youngest groups and oldest groups continue to have some action packed main events.
Nate Berkheimer was out to join in the fun with the cruisers on his Spawn Dirt Jumper, and found a way OVER everyone to take the win for the night. Always great to see the determination each one of the riders puts forth to make the Main, in what can sometimes be called the clash of the titans.

Our 5 and Under Novice male winner was Dylan Gunn who edged out his buddy Connor Brereton-Stiles.
In 9 Intermediate, we had some really tight battles going down in each moto and the Main. That class is tight, but Eric Town grabbed the 1 for the night, holding off a hard pressing Gavin Baron.
Great racing boys.

Thank you all for your patience during break as we handed out cake to celebrate Sandy and Christines Birthdays. We are sure it helped many of the riders get that extra boost for their final motos.
What are the odds someone wins 50/50 in a season? 1 in 100 maybe? How about 2X in a season? Well, our 3rd corner man Rob Gjaltema has now won 3X.
With odds like this, maybe we should have him buy our lotto tickets this week.

Big Props to all of our awesome Volunteers for the night. Thank you all for stepping in and filling in the positions for us. All the positions are pretty easy and after getting over any initial fear and pairing with someone who can keep you calm and answer any questions, the tasks are enjoyable. You get to interact with many riders, see the action up close and personal. AND as an added bonus, your rider can race the evening for free.

For those Interested in Saturdays Clinics with Laurie Harding, contact her via facebook messenger

Saturday, August 1st 
Girls Only session 9 to 11am

Co-Ed session 12 to 3pm

Boys Only 4 to 6pm
Fee $10
No food or drink is provided

This upcoming Monday, August 3rd is Fun Day at Ridge.
PotLuck dinner from 4:30 to 6pm, then Coached practice for all proficiences @ 6pm.
Please bring some food or treats and cutlery to share with your fellow riders, friends, family and coaches as you socialize.
If you have any bikes, bike parts, clothes, etc.. for sale, bring them along and clear some space in your garage.

Results and photos are posted.


Race Day Information - July 28th

RACING @ RIDGE tonight!

You may pre-register via the Facebook Events page
, or call the hotline @ 604-878-1193 .

Moto Shed will be open 5:30 to 6:30pm for Registration

Track open to practice at 5:30pm

3rd and 4th Straight closed at 6:30 for Half tracker Practice Only

Half trackers please stay off the track until 6:30pm.

Riders List posted 6:40pm - PLEASE check for Corrections. Ensure your age, name, class and plate number are correct.

Half Tracker racing 6:50pm (Please only one parent or older sibling on the track per rider for safety)

Motos posted 6:55pm

Full track Racing 7:00pm


Unfortunately we need to draw a hard line on this rule so we can start our races on time and make sure everyone is accounted for!!

During a race, should your rider crash, please remain OFF the track and let our Track officials and First Aid, take care of the rider. IF necessary we will call the parent / spouse / sibling to the track to help with the rider. This is for the safety of everyone on the track.

We are always looking for volunteers during practice and race nights and as an incentive we offer your rider a free race.

We can use help in staging, finish line, gate operator, concession, pre-race set-up / teardown, First-Aid, 50/50 sales, announcing and many other areas. 

Please consider helping us out so we can put together an excellent night of racing. Sign-up at the Moto-Shed on the whiteboard. No special experience necessary. Without volunteers we can't race.

Remember to stay cool and hydrated.
We have restocked the concession with cold treats and drinks.

See you at the Track.

We Have customized Ridge Meadows BMX jerseys for sale at the Moto Shed for $55. Please come see us to get yours ordered.

July 21st Race Recap

Great night of racing with mains in 5 and Under Novice, 7 Intermediate and Mens Cruiser.
Rider count is down a little in the summer with all the holidays and heat, but the riders that came out sure put up some tough competition.
So great to see the progression of the riders each week and year. They are constantly getting better and developing skills at a younger age, pushing the older riders to keep up or get left behind.

Congratulations to Roman Peregrym on his move up to Intermediate!

Big Thank You to all of our volunteers for filling in the positions last night. It takes a great team to be able to run these events weekly and we like to think Ridge has one of the best teams out there. Thank you again.

Thank you to Andy for capturing the race action.

Results and track Points are updated.

Clinics with Laurie Harding
Saturday, August 1st 
Girls Only session 9 to 11am

Co-Ed session 12 to 3pm

Boys Only 4 to 6pm
Fee $10
No food or drink is provided,
To register, Private Message Laurie Harding on Facebook.

See you next Monday!

Clinics August 1st 2015

Clinics with Laurie Harding

Saturday, August 1st 
Girls Only session 9 to 11am

Co-Ed session 12 to 3pm


Boys Only 4 to 6pm

Fee $10
No food or drink is provided,

To register, Private Message Laurie Harding on Facebook.

July 14th Radness

Completely awesome evening of racing. Temperature was right, crowd was right and the Riders, like always were just Right.
95 Riders and 20 half trackers came out to our Tuesday night paradise to put it out there, and try to walk away with the #1 stickie of the night.
Great to see new riders out there jumping in and getting right into contention.

Congratulations to Quinn Messier, and Vohn Skidmore on your move up to INTERMEDIATE and Eric Drotar and Jack Cerney on your move to EXPERT!
Great racing boys.

Some great bar to bar racing in so many of the classes tonight. The girls were battling hard, even taking each other down. 9 Intermediate was exciting as always right from the 1st moto, with Jacob Siemens and Jesse Knight hard charging to corner 3 and getting themselves tangled and falling to the back of the pack.

Going into our Main event with 6 Novice male, we saw Connor Brisbin line up the single digit all night on his way to the top spot.
Crusier A main saw Monroe hutton and Aidan MacDonald battle to corner 3 with a nice high outside / low turn to put Aidan off is game and then grab the ONE.
Cruiser B main had Jeremy Levin edging out the green machine Ken 'KAOS' Nunes.
Ladies cruiser was down a few riders tonight, but had Laurie Harding blast from the gate and continue on her power streak to the line. 
Dirt Demonz Reighan Hill was putting on a corner 2 clinic in her motos with the 10 Intermediate male, to walk away with 1's for the evening

Going through the Half Tracker photos, and those little girls and boys sure had a blast riding hard to win those candy bags. We are going to have some fun groups over the upcoming years.

Thank you to Andy MacDonald for capturing some of tonights atmosphere so we can relive it today and Bruce James for the running commentary.
HUGE thank you to ALL of our Volunteerfor stepping up last night. We can't do it without you. For any parents wondering what is involved or feeling a little intimidated to volunteer, do not worry, there are no special skills required, and there are plenty of people to help walk you through the small details. Some of the best places to be to capture the race action are as a volunteer on the track.

Track points, Results and photos are posted.

Mark your Calendars for September 12th and 13th as we hold BC Cup #6 and BC Cup Finals. 
We will also be holding a special medal race both those days for Half-Trackers.