Required Equipment

All racers require the following race gear at all times:

Full Fingered Gloves (there are several types of gloves that will work for BMX)

  • cycling specific gloves available at many bike shops
  • motocross gloves available at motorcycle shops
  • snug fitting work gloves available at hardware stores
  • snug fitting gardening gloves

Full Face Helmet

  • choose a helmet that fits snugly on the rider's head. A properly fitting helmet should not tip from side to side when the rider shakes his or her head
  • straps or buckles must work properly to secure the helmet; snap closures are not allowed
  • helmets should be undamaged

Long Sleeved Jersey (rider's arms should be fully covered)

  • a comfortable long sleeved shirt will work fine
  • BMX or Motocross jerseys are perfect

Long Pants

  • BMX/Motocross pants are available at some cycle shops and motorcycle shops
  • jeans are an excellent alternative provided the cuff is narrow enough that it won't get caught in the chain
  • shorts are acceptable provided the rider is wearing full-length knee and shin pads

Optional Gear

  • chest protector (motocross roost protector or mountain bike chest protectors)
  • neck brace

All riders should wear shoes that are well suited to the pedals they are using. Flat bottomed, skate-style shoes with soft, low tread soles are a good choice for use with flat pedals.


For the 2013 race season, any riders in the age categories of 9 years or under are not permitted to use clip pedal systems. They must race on flat pedals. We recommend that riders racing on flat pedals use pedals with either good traction pins or a cage that grips their shoes well.